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Why Fertility Treatment Isn’t Always The Best Choice

Jumping to IUI & IVF is always the best right? WRONG! I’ll show you why there is a lot more to it than first meets the eye, and what to do instead.

The Vital Key To Becoming Pregnant As Fast As Possible

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What Never To Do When You Are Trying To Conceive

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Welcome to Fertile Physiology

Fertile Physiology is a powerful framework that quickly shifts the body and mind into a receptive state to support natural fertility or fertility treatment to increase the chances of becoming and staying pregnant.

By harnessing the NEW and innovative technique of immersive meditation to invoke deep insight, create calm, and catalyze clarity for a deeper more meaningful connection to the true YOU.


It’s designed for those who find themselves at a crossroads within their fertility journey, or feel a disconnect between their fertility efforts and inner voice, and are yearning for clarity and direction to get to their baby.

Click below to learn about this innovative approach that will change your life.

What Women Are Saying...

Fertile Physiology Is For You If...

You feel anxious, overwhelmed, confused, or disheartened by either natural fertility or fertility treatment efforts and you are feeling:

- That you are on the brink of fertility burnout

- You wake up at night in fear of not having a baby

- Life has been hijacked by your fertility journey

- Like your body is betraying you

- It's difficult to trust your journey

- Don’t know what to do next

- Paralyzed by the idea of starting fertility treatment

- Isolated and disconnected from those around you 

- Afraid that you are running out of time

About Me

I’m Veronica Giannini an Immersive Meditation Coach, and creator of Fertile Physiology. I shift women’s physiology so they can find clarity and get to their babies.

I had my own long fertility struggle before welcoming my daughter. I was paralyzed by anxiety and setbacks and needed a more powerful and meaningful way to cope with the high stress of infertility.

After years of research, trial & error and finding solutions I developed an innovative framework that quickly helps women shift from survival physiology to fertile physiology, so they can support their efforts of becoming pregnant and having their babies. I can help you too.

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Whether you have questions, need guidance, or simply want to connect. Feel free to reach out to me.

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